UWS provides weekly household trash collection to our valued customers in Sandoval and Valencia Counties, through the use of automated collection vehicles, durable carts, and local drivers.


  • Have your cart out on your service day no later than 7 a.m.
  • Tie and bag all trash in the cart. This prevents blowing trash and unsightly litter.
  • Allow 3 feet of space around each cart to enable our automated collection trucks access to the cart.
  • Don’t overload the cart. The lid should be able to close securely.


Through UWS’ Route Watch Program, each of our drivers and route supervisors are specifically trained and directed to recognize any atypical occurrences throughout their route and forward all observations to the UWS office for immediate disposition to the appropriate agency or authority. The safety of our customers is our utmost priority and, as a community partner, we will do our part to promote health and safety in the communities we serve.

Sandoval County

Unincorporated Area of Sandoval County

$23.90 per month for 1st cart

$9.56 per month for each additional cart

Billed quarterly

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Valencia County

Unincorporated Area of Valencia County

$21.07 per month

$8.42 per month for each additional cart

Billed quarterly

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